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We could begin by telling you all about our employees, our products, and how great we are for you. But we don’t just work here, and we don’t just make products. It’s a lot more than that. Tower Publications is comprised of very talented people committed to one goal: Creating great publications and Web sites filled with excellent content.

To call these talented people employees is too impersonal. So we will use the word Enthusiasts. Yes, we all have our official titles, but what we’re passionate about is you. Your business. Your future. That’s our focus.

Our products continue to satisfy our customers everyday. In fact, we retain more clients every year than our competitors. Our design department wins more national and regional awards than we have walls to put them on, and our loyal readership continues to grow in response to our content (which makes sense since we still have all those clients). Simply put, we have passionate employees, a lot of happy clients, not enough walls and readers begging us for more copies of everything we publish.

Why do you care?

Because, you can spend less with us than with any other print media publisher and get the response you want — all from a targeted local audience. We create dynamic, engaging advertisements that will get you noticed. And because we continue to grow, we’ll be able to offer you more all the time.

From a variety of weekly, monthly and quarterly publications to clean, friendly Web sites, Tower Publications offers a strong reach to many demographics through unique products. Our goal keeps us focused on our clients’ response; our content keeps readers informed and coming back for more.

As dedicated Enthusiasts, we look forward to discovering your advertising needs, seeing what you’re passionate about and exceeding your expectations.